Complete Service Guide



No Cost -There is no cost for an initial 30 minute in-person or phone consult. Click to Schedule

Business Services (For Businesses and Non-Profits) 

Operating Agreement

Partnership Agreement

Business Entity Registrations-City, County, State Business Filings

Business Entity Agreement

"Pegasus Business Entity Package" (Registration Application with OR Secretary of State, Business Operating Agreement, Partnership Agreement, and Two Hours of Legal)

"Narwal Non-Profit Package":

Non-Profit Formation (State)

Non-Profit Formation (National)

Event Liability Waivers

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Simple Demand Letter (Simple)

Complex Demand Letter-Requiring legal research

Debt Owed Collections Letter 

Professional Service Agreement

Employee/Consulting Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Non-Compete Agreement

Merchandise/Supplier Contracts

Entertainment Contracts-Including but not limited to music performers, employment contracts, independent contractor contracts, volunteer waivers, art display contracts, and vendor space and sponsorship agreements.

Varying Fees-City or County Permit and License Application Preparation and Filing


Negotiation and Mediation-Billed hourly

Attorney in Impartial Mediator Role in Mediation (Both Parties Must Agree to Mediate and to Mediator)

Attorney Representing a Client in Mediation as Attorney

Attorney Representation in Business Meetings or Negotiations

Community Benefit Agreement-Meeting Facilitation and Agreement Drafting

Conflict Resolution or Anti-Bullying Presentations-2 Hour Billing Minimum



Intellectual Property

Cease and Desist Letter

Trademark Knock Out Search 

Trademark Search Opinion

Trademark Application -Fee includes govt fees of 225-275 for one class. For more than one class, an additional 225-275 government fee is required.  Note: A standard name trademark and a logo are two separate trademarks requiring two applications.

USPTO Office Action Response

Copyright Applications — Includes government filing fee

Trade Secret Legal Advising and Contract Protection

Assignment Agreement

Licensing Agreement

Privacy Agreement

Website Terms and Conditions

Real estate agreements/Housing Law

Americans with Disability Act Requirements

Housing Discrimination 

Home Owner Association Matters

Housing Code Requirements/Violations

Real Estate Contract Drafting and Review

Commercial Lease Preparation and Review

Residential Lease Preparation and Review

Landlord/Tenant Law

Rent Collection Letters 30 days, 60 days

Evictions, Unlawful Detainers) 

Attorney Representation at Residential or Commercial Lease Signings

Landlord/Tenant Law Consulting-Including but not limited to security deposit issues, damage disputes, possible breaches of lease, and the presence mold in the property.


Small Claims Court Preparation

Small Claims Court Consult and Preparation


General legal Services- Billed Hourly

Legal Research

Legal Consulting

Legal Memo Drafting

Legal Contract/Document Review


For businesses that require ongoing monthly services.

Prices will vary depending on business and services needed.