"Power" Heather Harteis

Office Manager


Heather is a resourceful and organized person with diverse background of experiences, predominantly in events and science education.  

Heather grew up in Pennsylvania, a land of four seasons, forests, and mountains like Oregon. She went to St. Francis University where she obtained a BS in chemistry.   Her graduate degree is Master in the Art of Teaching Science from University of Pittsburgh.  She taught chemistry, environmental science, atomic & nuclear topics, and physical science to approximately 800 students during her time as a public school teacher. 

In a part time capacity, Heather has been organizing music events for 15 years. As a teenager,  she coordinated and promoted small concerts with local and touring bands.  During college, she was a percussion instructor for ensembles in TIA/TOB All East competition.  

In 2007, Heather began working with Jim Donovan (Rusted Root, Sun King Warriors) with event coordination and social media promotion.  For a decade, she coordinated two annual retreats by handling registration, onsite logistics, merchandise sales, and event planning with a focus on the participant's experience and replicating a successful event.  

In her free time,  she enjoys baking, naps, and travel with her partner Hector.