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Service Overview

For Businesses 

Whether you are a new business or have been around for years, we offer a variety of flat-fee legal services that suit your needs. In addition to business formations, we can draft various agreements your company may need from non-disclosure agreements to vendor contracts, and everything in between. 

For Nonprofits

We love non-profit organizations and the work they do. Non-profit organizations like for-profit businesses often require similar legal needs from contract review to commercial lease negotiations. Additionally, we can help you and your non-profit with community benefit agreements and town hall type meeting facilitations. Our goal is to learn about what you do, assess what your needs may be, and then find the right services that match.  

Trademarks and Branding

Protecting the intellectual property of your business is just as important as protecting any other asset. Protecting your brand involves not just your company's name, but also any logos you use or plan to use. At Rational Unicorn Legal Services, we offer a variety of trademark and copyright services. 

Small Claims Court Preparation

While attorneys are not allowed to represent clients in small claims court, they can provide help with the process. Our flat fee small claims court preparation service includes assessing your claims and damages, helping you file any paperwork with the court you may need help with, and preparing you for not only what to bring with you to court, but for what the judge may ask. 

Negotiation and Mediation

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a method of problem solving that differs from litigation. Two types of ADR are negotiation and mediation. You can hire Rational Unicorn Legal Services to help with the negotiation of contracts by reviewing and commenting on them and/or representing you in contract meetings. In addition, we also offer mediation services. An attorney mediator can serve as the third-party neutral who helps both parties come to resolve. Or, you can hire us to be your attorney representation at a mediation with your opposing party, their representation, and a third-party mediator. We offer a variety of negotiation and mediation services for you and your business.

Real Estate Agreements

Whether you need a lawyer during the residential or commercial real estate negotiation phase or for contract drafting itself, we can help. Even if you are just beginning the process, consider hiring your lawyer to represent you in any or all meetings you may have with the property owner. 

landlord and tenant/Housing Law

We offer a variety of housing law services for both landlords and tenants. Lease drafting, lease review, rent collection letters, unlawful detainers, and evictions are some of the many services Rational Unicorn Legal Services offers in this practice area.