Small Claims Court Preparation

While small claims court does not allow attorney representation in the court itself, an attorney can Help with your small claims case. At Rational Unicorn Legal Services LLC we offer a small claims court preparation service for a reasonable flat fee.


Our Small Claims Preparation Service Includes: 

1. Meeting and discussing your legal situation and assessing the small court claims that make the most sense for your situation.

2. Deciding what information and documents will be the most important to gather in order to prove your claims.

3. Looking at what your court date will look like and what the judge may decide to ask about that day.

4. Helping you file any and all small claims court paperwork necessary for your case.  



Some Facts About Small Claims Court

*The initial party who files the case is the plaintiff and the other party is the defendant. These name distinctions do not change regardless of if there are claims against you also (a counter-claim).

*Prior to filing a Small Claims Court case, parties are required to make a "bona fide" (good faith) effort to collect from the defendant. When filing a claim, a declarative statement that you asked the defendant for money owed prior to filing is required. 

*Small Claims Court allows a maximum recover of $10,000. If you believe your damages are worth more you would either have to sue for the maximum small claims court allows or make a choice on whether or not to file in civil court. 

*A plaintiff can sue an individual person, an individual "doing business as a different name, or a legal entity (ie. a corporation).