Attorney Joel Corcoran

Of Counsel

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His (but will accept any pronouns offered with good intent)

  • Multipotentialite (attorney, scientist, government affairs expert, and part-time adventurer)

  • Business, government, and non-profit experience

  • Focused on helping community builders and organizers fully engage with government and society


A native Midwesterner, Joel grew up in Nebraska and Illinois before attending Oregon State University where he earned a B.S. in Biology, an M.S. in Genetics (minor in Political Science), and almost completed a second graduate degree. He then spent three of the best years of his life at the University of Oregon School of Law.

After graduating law school, he achieved modest success as a patent attorney – a job he adored, except for the part about actually writing patents (which he was tolerably decent at). He enjoyed a diverse domestic and international practice in all areas of intellectual property, specializing in biotech and pharmaceutical patents and various forms of plant variety protections.

He then moved to Washington, DC, where he worked as a science and technology policy advisor and an attorney just long enough to get tired of The Beltway Mentality. He loves the city, always looks forward to visiting, but knows he is not cut out to be a full-time resident.

After returning to Oregon, he worked on his own as an attorney for many years, establishing a niche practice as a part-time general counsel for creative companies and nonprofits. He also helped fellow attorneys and other professionals (doctors, nurses, architects, etc.) with ethics codes and related matters. He currently works as a government attorney and maintains a small law practice on the side – Reluctant Cynic Legal Services – as means to afford to stay in his day job. He also spends a bit of time as business manager and game designer for Jetstream Applications, a local app development firm.

Joel spends much of his free time as a board member, tour guide, and event planner for Friends of Lone Fir Cemetery. He is also an experienced gaymer, exuberant actor and storyteller, increasingly better poker player, and fumbling knitter. He tries to remain a loyal servant to the Russian Blue cat that adopted him a few years ago. After settling into a newly constructed accessory dwelling unit, he has returned to baking and cooking regularly, looks forward to picking up knitting again, and may eventually finish that television screenplay he started six years ago.