Dear Client,

      Thank you for using Rational Unicorn Legal Services LLC. This letter, upon acceptance with the terms set forth below serves as your agreement to be represented by our firm. It is our goal to not only work hard and provide excellent results,  but to maintain both effective and open communication with our clients. If at any time during your representation you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

The majority of our services are flat-fee based. This not only keeps costs down for you, the client, it avoids any hidden or surprise fees. When a service is needed that is billed hourly, you will know the exact hourly rate and receive an estimate on how many hours total the work may require.


SERVICES AND TERMS:  After you have decided which services you would like to hire us for, you will be sent an invoice (or invoices) for the amount owed for the completion of these services. Unless otherwise agreed, the amount owed will be due upon receipt. Upon paying for these services, the terms listed in this agreement will govern your representation.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Attorneys have a duty of confidentiality to their clients. Meaning, all matters discussed with clients and potential clients are held in confidence. The client must maintain this confidentiality. If you wish for our conversations to remain confidential, be mindful of any disclosures to additional parties besides your legal team.

FUNDS OWED TO BE DEPOSITED IN ADVANCE: In order for us to begin work on your project(s), we require that you pay the advance deposit invoice first. Flat fee services will be billed in their entirety. Services billed hourly will be estimated. For example if you need business law advising, an attorney to represent you at a commercial lease meeting, and an attorney to review 4 contracts, we will estimate how many hours this may require and multiply it by the current hourly rate.

This amount calculation becomes an hourly advance deposit retainer which will be paid by the client before work commences. All of the funds paid may be used during this hourly work (itemization notes will be included in a final invoice), more funds may needed to be deposited if the project becomes more in depth, and/or funds not used from the advanced deposit retainer, may be returned.

PERSONAL GUARANTEE: At times we represent people and at other times businesses. If a business is the client but does not pay for services and you are affiliated with the business (owner, investor, or simply initiator of services with our firm), you will be held personally responsible to pay any fees owed by said business.

EXPENSES: In addition to specific fee based or hourly services that are billed, there may be times when additional expenses are incurred. For example, some fee based services may include government fees and some may not. Some may include government fees however specific projects require additional ones to be paid. For example our standard trademark service includes government filing fees but only for one trademark class. If a client wishes to add a class, there will be an additional fee added.

Additionally, expenses included but not limited to certified mailings, special printing, and notary services may be added to your initial invoice(s) and/or billed towards the end of your project completion process.

PAYMENT PROCESSING OPTIONS: Payments can be made in a variety of ways: cash, check, money order, PayPal, or credit card.

Credit Card Payments (Connected to our database and invoice system) is the preferred method of payment. This can be done online from any computer or phone. Not only will your payments directly apply and update your internal client account in our database, our firm will get an email alert informing us of the payment made. Credit card payments require a 3% processing fee to be paid by the client. For example, if $500 is owed for services and payment is being made by credit card the total owed will be $515. $500 times 3%  equals $15 dollars. This amount is added for processing making the $515 total. 

In Person Credit Card Payments  (Using Square)  is also an option. This phone or tablet software allows in office or wherever we meet (conference room, coffee shop, etc.) credit payments by swiping your debit or credit card or keying in the card numbers to the app. This credit card option also requires the client  pay a 3% processing fee.

PayPal  is an acceptable form of payment. The firm has a business PayPal account which is connected to the email: rationalunicornlegal@gmail.com. If this is used as a form of payment, the client must incur any transaction fees. Meaning, if the total owed is $2000 and the firm after the PayPal transaction receives $1950, the client will still have an outstanding balance of $50

Check or Money Orders can be used to pay funds owed. They can be delivered in person or mailed to the office address: Rational Unicorn legal Services, 107 SE Washington Street, Suite 156, Portland, Oregon 97214. There is an e-check option through the client database. Unlike when a client pays with debit or credit, a 3% processing fee is not assessed with e-check processing.

Cash payments  can be made in person and only if they include a signed writing from the client detailing what project the cash is for, the total being paid, and the date.

ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS EARNED ON RECEIPT: While checks and money orders can be deposited into our trust account, we can only deposit electronic payments into our operating account. Because the firm will be collecting advanced deposit funds prior to work being completed, ethical requirements require us to consider the advance payments “earned upon receipt.” Know that any funds paid for services including any processing fees will be refunded immediately upon service cancellation.

CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: In order to effectively represent you, we need your cooperation and assistance.  You agree to cooperate fully with us and to provide promptly all information known or available to you that is relevant to your representation. For example, please notify us of any business changes that may affect your current or ongoing legal projects with the firm. Additionally please be sure to update us with any contact information changes when they occur (ie. phone number, address, email, etc.).

ELECTRONIC AND PAPER FILES: Our goal is to be as paperless as possible with client files, notes, calendar items, project specific documents, and database information. While we can create a paper copy of your file upon request, we will not in the regular course of business already have a paper file ready. If a file is needed, our preference is to provide it in electronic form. If a paper file is requested and provided, you may incur any printing or shipping costs. If payments are owed when a file is requested, we reserve the right to place an attorney lien on your files until all owed funds have been paid in full.

TERMINATION OF REPRESENTATION AND POST-REPRESENTATION MATTERS: Either party may terminate the representation at any time, subject to our obligations under the Rules of Professional Conduct.  Unless previously terminated, our representation will terminate upon completion of the legal services described in this agreement. You understand that we have no continuing obligation to represent you unless you retain us to provide additional advice or services.

ARBITRATION OF FEE DISPUTES: If a dispute arises between you and Rational Unicorn Legal Services LLC regarding fees, the parties agree to resolve that dispute through the State Bar’s Fee Dispute Program.

NO ADVICE REGARDING THIS FEE AGREEMENT: We are not acting as your counsel with respect to this agreement. If you wish to be advised on whether you should enter into this agreement, we recommend you consult with independent counsel of your choice.

Thank you for doing business with Rational Unicorn Legal Services LLC. When you deposit funds for your billed services, this representation agreement will execute. This agreement does not need to be signed or returned.